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ملاحظة المؤلف

"The King Maker" is a captivating brush-style font, crafted with a bold, confident stroke that commands attention. Designed by the talented team at Letterara, this font exudes a regal presence, with its sweeping lines and dynamic curves evoking the grandeur of a royal signature.

Its exaggerated width and weighty strokes lend it a sense of power and authority, making it an ideal choice for headline text, editorial designs, or branding applications that require a powerful, memorable aesthetic. Whether used for titling, logotypes, or attention-grabbing display text, "The King Maker" stands out with its unique character, blending the elegance of calligraphy with a modern, impactful sensibility.

This font is a versatile tool for designers seeking to make a bold, indelible impression.

The font is free for personal use. A commercial license is available by contacting

A PayPal account is available for donations to support the creator at

For agencies, designers, YouTubers, or anyone who intends to use this font for commercial purposes, such as monetized social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), posters, pamphlets, promotions, company logos, t-shirts, and the like, a commercial license must be purchased. Please contact the creator's Instagram or email to make the necessary arrangements. The pricing is reasonable.

Using this font with a "Personal Use" license for any commercial purpose without permission will result in a corporate license fee.

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الفئة الخطية
The King Maker-Personal use
الفئة الفصيلية
تعريف الفئة الفصيلية
The King Maker-Personal use:Version 1.00
اسم الخط بالكامل
The King Maker-Personal use
نسخة قائمة الاسم
Version 1.00;November 4, 2022;FontCreator 64-bit
اسم خط الحاشية النصية
ملحوظة العلامة التجارية
Letterara 2019
اسم الصانع
Contact me for commercial use

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