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Tahiti Sans, designed by Sharkshock, is a whimsical display font that adds a playful touch to any project. With its extra-condensed width, it effortlessly fits into tight spaces. This all caps font features slight variations in letterforms and random angles, giving it a unique character. The misaligned characters and childlike jumble create a fun and carefree vibe. Tahiti Sans is perfect for projects that require clean and easy-to-read text with a hint of excitement. It's ideal for youth sports branding, social media graphics, or eye-catching advertising campaigns. Let your creativity soar with Tahiti Sans!

This family is equipped with Basic and extended Latin, kerning, and alternates. Please check the glyph map for all supported characters. The demo contains basic characters only. The full version can be purchased for $50 via PayPal or by acquiring a commercial license. Do note that this $50 is for personal use only. Email us or visit www.sharkshock.net/license for more information on licensing. Unauthorized usage of our intellectual property is strictly prohibited and may result in legal remedies at our disposal.

OTF/TTF: Tahiti Sans (Regular and Outlines)
Sharkshock 2023. All rights reserved
Designed by Dennis Ludlow

Tags: children, kids, childlike, playful, informal, sans, fun, random, cartoon, loose, display, all caps, capitals, European, accents, diacritics

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Tahiti Sans™ Sharkshock 2023. All Rights Reserved
الفئة الخطية
Tahiti Sans
الفئة الفصيلية
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Tahiti Sans:Version 0.00
اسم الخط بالكامل
Tahiti Sans
نسخة قائمة الاسم
Version 0.00;September 2, 2023;FontCreator 64-bit
اسم خط الحاشية النصية
ملحوظة العلامة التجارية
Tahiti Sans™ Sharkshock LLC

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