Homade Trial Bold

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Homade Trial Bold Eko Bimantara ترو تايبللاستخدام الشخصي
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ملاحظة المؤلف

Homade Bold emerges as a distinctive member of the Homade font family, designed by Eko Bimantara. This semi-bold font carries the clarity and simplicity of sans serif design while offering a modern twist that makes it stand out. Its clean lines and balanced proportions convey a contemporary elegance, making it not only versatile but also visually compelling.

The aesthetic appeal of Homade Bold lies in its uncluttered form which lends itself to high readability. The typeface boasts an open structure with generous spacing, ensuring that each character is distinct and easy on the eyes, making it ideal for both print and digital media.

Homade Bold is particularly well-suited for branding projects, editorial work, and advertising campaigns where a touch of modern sophistication is desired. It performs exceptionally well in large displays such as headings or logos while maintaining its legibility when scaled down for body text.

The style exudes confidence without being overbearing, allowing designers to craft messages that are bold yet welcoming. Whether you're looking to create an impactful presentation or design an approachable brand identity, Homade Bold offers the perfect blend of contemporary style with functional grace.

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ملحوظة حقوق الملكية
Copyright (c) 2021 by Eko Bimantara. All rights reserved.
الفئة الخطية
Homade Trial
الفئة الفصيلية
تعريف الفئة الفصيلية
Version 1.000;;HomadeTrial-Bold;2021;FL720
اسم الخط بالكامل
Homade Trial Bold
نسخة قائمة الاسم
Version 1.000
اسم خط الحاشية النصية
ملحوظة العلامة التجارية
Homade is a trademark of Eko Bimantara

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  • لهجات (جزئي)
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