Graphy DEMO Filled

Graphy DEMO Filled ترو تايبللاستخدام الشخصي
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ملاحظة المؤلف

Graphy Filled is a captivating display font that exudes a whimsical, cartoon-inspired charm. Crafted by Dharmas Studio, this bold and expressive typeface immediately commands attention with its playful, rounded letterforms and distinctly exaggerated stroke thickness.

The font's dynamic personality is further accentuated by its fluid, almost handwritten-like appearance, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of design applications, from vibrant logos and eye-catching headlines to engaging children's illustrations and playful branding. Whether used as the focal point or as an accent, Graphy Filled's engaging style and strong visual presence can infuse any design with a delightful, lighthearted spirit.

Its distinctive character makes it a standout choice for designers seeking to add a touch of playfulness and character to their work.

This demo font is free for PERSONAL USE, but any donation are very appreciated.

Here is the link to purchase the commercial license:

For corporate use, you must purchase the Corporate license.

You can also purchase it here:

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Thank you and enjoy!

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بيانات الخطوط الاساسية

ملحوظة حقوق الملكية
Copyright (c) 2023 by Dharmas Studio. All rights reserved.
الفئة الخطية
Graphy DEMO Filled
الفئة الفصيلية
تعريف الفئة الفصيلية
Version 1.000;PYRS;GraphyDEMO-Filled;2023;FL720
اسم الخط بالكامل
Graphy DEMO Filled
نسخة قائمة الاسم
Version 1.000
اسم خط الحاشية النصية
ملحوظة العلامة التجارية
Graphy is a trademark of Dharmas Studio
Copyright (c) 2023 by Dharmas Studio. All rights reserved.

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