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Golfmind, designed by Timur Type, captures the essence of personal touch with its handwritten style that exudes warmth and charm. The fluid strokes and variable thickness give it an organic feel, as though each character has been thoughtfully penned. With a casual elegance that seems to dance across the page, Golfmind is both approachable and sophisticated.

The font's aesthetic lends itself well to designs requiring a human touch, making it perfect for invitations, branding for boutique businesses, or any project looking to convey authenticity and intimacy. Its inviting appearance ensures that messages crafted in Golfmind are not just read but felt, allowing for a connection between the text and the reader that is rare in digital formats.

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Timur type studio

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Golfmind:Version 1.00
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Version 1.00;October 18, 2022;FontCreator 64-bit
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Timur Type Studio
This font was created using FontCreator 11.5 from

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الشفرة الدولية الموحدة - يونيكوددلالات الشفرة الدولية الموحدة 2.0 - BMP فقط
ماكينتوشغربي - روماني
مايكروسوفتنظام الحروف الدولي الموحد - BMP فقط

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الوزنمتوسط - عادي
العرضمتوسط / عادي
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